Mangas Power builds Generators, Power Units, and Irrigation packages using industrial engines that run on either natural gas or propane.

With over 40 years of experience in Industrial applications we have the experience that sets us apart from the others and can help give you the competitive advantage you deserve.

Mangas PowerMangas Powers offering of not only new but refurbished Industrial engines will keep your equipment in operation 24/7 with reduced cost and peace of mind.

With our knowledgeable staff we have the ability to work with your company on specific problems such as Oil Consumption, Valve Recession, and other performance issues to maximize the productivity of your equipment.

We have also worked with numerous customers to enhance or customize our products to meet their exact specifications or requirements.

The Mangas Family has extensive background with automotive engines.

Frank E. Mangas

Started with the Ford Motor Company in the 40s when his Father who was already employed with Ford for 20yrs. asked him to come to work in Dearborn, Mi. Frank E. worked his way up to Induction Engineer at Ford the position he was in when he retired in the 80s after 40 years at ford.

Frank L. Mangas

In the early 90s Frank L. went to work at one of the Ford authorized remanufactures as a manufacturing engineer. During his time at Mendenhall, Frank L. developed several pieces of manufacturing equipment for engine remanufacturing. These include a machine for checking lifters, a machine the check heads for internal cracks, and a machine for removing pistons without damaging rods.

During the late 90s Frank L. went to work for a tier 2 supplier to GM supplying the assembly plant in Wentzville, Mo. Some of his duties were to develop new processes to increase productivity. These processes include developing a forklift route system to maximize material handling usage, small plastic machining equipment.

In the early 2000s Frank L. was part of establishing a secondary up fitter to GM. This up fitter converted GM full-size vans to operate on CNG and sold through the GM dealer network.

In the late 2000s Frank was recruited to help Buck’s Engines achieve production and quality goals. During the 2nd year at Buck’s Engines Frank began handling a significant amount of engineering duties. Not including the emissions certified fuel system that was established prior to Frank handling any engineering duties.

In early 2012 Frank decided to leave Buck’s engines and create industrial engine products of his own. This will allow Frank the freedom to provide a product that addresses issues he saw at Buck’s engines. With Edward, Frank established Mangas Power to provide Genuine GM and aftermarket industrial products.

Edward L.

Frank began passing on his love and knowledge of internal combustion engines to Edward L. After, several joint automotive projects. Edward L. began doing projects on his own. As he gained more experience, he also began automobile racing as a hobby. This required Edward L. to further develop his skills in Electronic Fuel Injection, and the latest engine remanufacturing procedures. With over 20yrs of various engine projects Edward L. has greatly surpassed Frank in knowledge of latest engine advances.

Edward J.

Frank’s brother Edward is somewhat of the black sheep. He decided to pursue a background in electronics. This background brought him to Marathon electric in the Lebanon, Mo. manufacturing facility. Edward spent 20+yrs at marathon electric developing strategies to help ensure marathon continued to provide a high level of quality. With Edwards extensive background at Marathon developing motors and generators. He has agreed to provide occasional consultations to Mangas Power.