Mangas Power Builds


remanufactured industrial engines

Mangas Power Generators
25kw 50kw 85kw 100kw
These generators are built for prime power, continuous duty use; they are provided for use with pipeline natural gas, wellhead natural gas, and propane liquid or vapor.

Industrial Power-units

remanuactured industrial engines

70hp-100hp-150hp-200hp Coming soon 225hp
These power-units can be standard design or custom designed to the application. They are used in Natural Gas compression packages, Pump jack drives, P/C pumps, or water pumps. All Power-Units can be provided with a full enclosure or open.

Agricultural Irrigation

70hp-100hp-150hp-200hp Coming soon 225hp

These units are designed for direct replacement of current manufacturers engines and packages.


  • Auto-start.
  • Over-center clutch.
  • Auxiliary oil tank.
  • EPA certified and non-certified engines.
  • Mufflers.

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Mangas Power Replacement Parts

Replacement Engines

industrial power units

These engines are designed for direct replacement of your existing GM and Ford industrial engines. All of our replacement engines come standard with hardened valve seats and premium valves. All of our engines come standard with cam and valve spring optimized for use at 2000RPM.

Replacement Heads
MangasPower replacement heads are built to the exact same standards as your engine was built originally. The proven Industrial improvement MangasPower delivers is replacing the valve seats with new hardened seats and we also replace the standard valves with premium valves, unlike others our valve springs are always replaced.

Does your current supplier build their engines to industrial or automotive specs? There is a difference!!!!!